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Apr 12 '12

Satin Stitching

This year is clearly my big year for satin stitching. I’m using it on all three costumes I’m taking to Fanime. I imagine that one of my costumes may have around a mile of satin stitching in it once the costume is complete.

What is satin stitching? It’s when you use your machine to zig-zag in very small increments on your fabric. Most modern machines have an actual setting for satin stitching. I wouldn’t recommend it with an actual zig-zag stitch. Its primary use for my purposes is to attach applique.

Here’s a picture:

You typically see satin stitching on any iron-ons you may buy. It’s also really great for prettying the edges of any decorative fabric you want to Heat n’ Bond to your cosplay.

Before you satin stitch, however, keep in mind that you’re going to need stabilizer.

If you forget your stabilizer, your thread has nothing strong to grab on to as it creates a colorful line across your fabric. I was satin stitching last night and realized a few seconds in that I’d forgotten to put my stabilizer under my project. This is what happens:

The fabric gets bunched more and more up against the edge of your project. So go buy some stabilizer. I linked some above that is tear-away. You never want to leave the stabilizer on after you stitch or it would make your project WAY too stiff! 

Here are a few completed candy corns (I know, ridiculous!) that I’ll be sewing on to a project tonight. The satin stitch helps to cover up any gaps between the dark red, orange, and white fabrics, which makes the project look a whole bunch cleaner than if I’d left it like the example above.

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